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More than 30 watch models

Do you want a Megir watch? We tell you all about the best Chinese watch brand for all audiences. The company's catalog is quite broad..

In Emoddern we find you the best online prices of their best-selling items, their outstanding features, information on their water resistance and the opinions of the buyers who have used them.

▸  models

New designs for men and women, sport and elegant.

  Watch MEGIR black Men's Analog, Quartz Chronograph, Fashion, Leather Strap           MEGIR watch black Men Analog Luminous Casual Fashion Quartz, PU Strap, Calendar for Business

MEGIR watch silver Men's Business, Analogue Quartz Wrist, Stainless Steel Band Calendar Stopwatch            MEGIR watch blue Men Business Analogue Quartz, Fashion Leather Strap Chronograph Luminous Auto Calendar

 Watch MEGIR red and black  Men’s Analogue Sport Quartz Wrist, Silicone Strap Chronograph Luminous Auto Calendar           MEGIR Watch Men's Analog, Quartz Chronograph Luminous, with Stylish Leather Strap coffe

MEGIR watch blue rose for Men's Sports Analogue Chronograph Luminous Quartz Watches with Stylish Silicone Band              MEGIR Mens Watches Sports, Leather Military, quartz movement for accurate time keeping.

▸ Megir quartz watches collection price list

Here is the complete collection of the best selling models of this brand in the world. The catalog is varied and the prices are very cheap..

▸ Megir watches for men Chrono

Elegance is simplicity,The watch is the main complement of man's styling. Every year, thousands of new models arrive in stores with increasingly interesting innovations in terms of aesthetics, functionality, mechanisms and styles.

Megir watches for men, price, official store

 We all have several models at home, adapted to different functions: a comfortable model for day to day, a more classic elegant for gala occasions and even a sports watch for when we do sports.

New models..

▸ Megir watches for woman

This company has a wide catalog for ladies, in stainless steel, leather and silicone materials with different colors. Zircon inlays, elegant and sporty designs. 

Megir watch white for Women Bracelet Watches Ladies Quartz, Sport Wristwatches           Megir Watch black Waterproof Diamond, Wrist Quartz Watches, Leather Band for Women

Megir Lady Watch Dress Women Watches Rose Gold Quartz, Girl Bracelet Female Clock              MEGIR watch female, Flower Dial Ceramics Band Crystal Women Bracelet Watch silver, steel

Megir Watch red, Vintage, Waterproof Wrist Quartz, Leather Band for Women female, ladies               Megir watch rose gold, Luxury Quartz Women, female Sport Ladies Top Brand Chronograph

Megir watches for woman, female or ladies.

Elegance is simplicity, a good feminine look can not do without its star complement: the watch. Variety of models: luxury watches, casual watches, small or large watches that flood online and physical stores every year by establishing new time control patterns. Classic Rose Gold.

¿Are the megir watches waterproof / water resistant?..

This brand is mainly waterproof 3 ATM, it is recommended not to enter the pool or dive into water with the watch on, not waterproof. For more information on water resistance.

▸ Megir watches brand / quality review

A company that has been producing its models with the highest quality and technology, where today it generates millions in sales, its quality reflects the low number of watches for changes due to guarantees, with the watches used for more than 5 years having a useful life.

Megir Watch, casual watches, with 3eye Decoration Dials

Find sports, luxury, casual and military styles, all our interest-free shipments, You can match the watches with T-shirt and jean.

The factory has:

  • ➡ Inspection certificates of some Chinese brands: MA, CNAS National Accreditation Service of China (
  • ➡ Registered trademarks: in the United States, EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing EU trademarks and community designs)

Certificate images

Megir official store wikipedia

In our YouTube Megir video channel you will find:

  • ➡ How to put on
  • ➡ Strap adjustment
  • ➡ Band adjustment
  • ➡ How to change date / setting
  • ➡ How to battery replacement ..

Some of the best-selling designs that you will find here for men are in silver-colored metallic pulse, although you can find a variety of sports, luxury, automatic, analog, military or casual styles, in different colors such as blue, yellow, gold, gold, black, white, green or red, in materials in steel or metal, silicone, rubber, leather, suunto, etc.

The best-selling models for women are undoubtedly the metallic references Ref 2011 pink, black, silver and leather strap those of white and red color Ref 2042. Although if you want a sporty or casual style and a specific color, do not hesitate to Write to us because we can bring it to

▸ Official site of the Megir online shopping store

The official store of this factory to buy watches online is on Amazon, aliexpress, and their website, most of its models are assembled with a quality A motor, the origin of the engine is Japanese, we try to take you directly to Amazon where they are armed with the origin of the Japanese engine, as some are assembled with quality C engine, a Sony battery and hardlex glass.

But you can also buy timepieces in Alibaba, Wish, Daraz.

We remind you of the top models available.

Available series: Extreme series, Sky series, Racing series, Army special series..

The top 10 favorite is:

2083, 2039, 2087, 2085, 2093, 2100, 2098, 2091, 2086 and 2011 rose.

▸ Premium Megir watches images and  logo

Watches Megir 2030  Watches Megir 2090 led, brand, online, price, store, chronometer Watches Megir 2080, quartz, brand, online, price, store, chronometerWatches Megir quartz, brand, online, price, store, chronometer, amazon

These watches are the new collection of megir watches, they are the best sellers currently available for delivery.

Logo Megir

Some of these images are from current collections, all these models are for sale. The logo is that of the original brand.

➤ Megir watches service center

Service center, find replacement parts or spare parts for this brand of watches, in case of knocks or accidents of the watch: such as hardlex mirror or sapphire crystal, brooches, some straps or pulses in leather, Pu, silicone or rubber materials, stainless steel and metal pulses, buttons, motors / Japanese movements of the house miyota, hands, buckles, batteries, etc. It is relatively easy, surely the store where you bought it will have these pieces. battery replacement.

 ¿How good are megir wrist watches?

Reviews of buyers

This brand is the best option and was one of the best valued at the last world fair in Hong Kong watches. Megir has international quality certificates, its brand is registered in the United States and Europe, features that allow it to compete worldwide, as one of the best low-cost. Its competitors are other brands of Asian timepieces, such as Skmei or Naviforce.

▸ Megir user feedback forum

The summary of comments on forums or many blogs: when you decide to buy a wristwatch think before several factors, value the pros and cons and in addition to your budget to invest. Undoubtedly, finding a watch that is fashionable, that is sporty, elegant, luxury, analog, military, with high design and efficient at a good cost is not always easy, but this brand has the best rating in terms of: "watches better value for money "even if tax free.

Another of the comments that we collect in forums, are the purchases on the Chinese portal aliexpress, the watches of this brand that are for sale are not only from the Megir official store, they are also from other commercial companies that offer the watches, it is run the risk of not knowing the quality of the motors and materials, since they cannot be assembled with quality A motors because they are offered at lower prices, another complaint received are the shipments, being less than 2 dollars the percentage of loss has been growing as well as the time in delivery and finally the claim for a warranty or a replacement that is needed becomes an impossible topic on aliexpress.

One of the most common questions in fórums: ¿are megir watches reliable? The answer is if, if they are reliable, they are good quality timepieces, however, they need care like any jewel or accessory, remove it when taking the shower, if you want to do mechanics in your car, the most advisable thing would be not to use it 

Another very frequent question in the forums is asking for prices "how much does it cost" prices will always be maximum 30 USD. Don't Overpay For Your Perfect Watch Megir.

We also invite you to read a small text of opinions of Megir watch buyers – Jedir

Megir watch dropshipping or wholesale

If you want to buy this brand for business, and do dropshiping, you can do it through the Oberlo application and connect it with Aliexpress, this great company ships to countries such as: Vietnam, Uruguay, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Dubai, Philippines, Ghana, Qatar, Nigeria, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Australia, Scotland, Colombia, south africa, Mexico, UK and United States.

To buy watches in outlet, and take advantage of discounted prices, the best way is to buy the past collections.

For 2 years imports the brand of timepieces Megir, Jedir and Mini focus all of South America, from the factory in China, with various styles for men and women, you can buy them online through our website, or go directly to the amazon portal. All models are original and new.

▸ Megir watches company Wikipedia / history

The Megir and Jedir watches are a Chinese brand of high quality and design, , their history and information on wikipedia is currently being updated

¿Which country are the megir watches from? (made)

As we told you, the Megir and Jedir watches are a Chinese brand of high quality and design, their factory is in Shenzhen - china, their history and information on wikipedia is currently being updated.

The Megir showroom is located in China-Canton, however this factory is at the world-wide watch fairs, example: Hong Kong

▸ Where are Megir - Jedir watches manufactured?

The history of the Factory begins decades ago, achieving today to be one of the Asian brands with more projection worldwide, based in China, assembled with parts and accessories from other countries, such as its machinery or Japanese engine, its parts are assembled in your factory where other brands are produced.

Within this great World of Chinese brands, there are resistant analog or digital tactile watches, simple models, if you are uncomplicated you find practical and fully functional references, to do sport with sport or sport style, if you are a little alternative you will have vintage or if you are A business person has formal and luxury watches. How do you know you have a wide range of Chinese watchmaking offer that reaches every corner of the country, with the best discounts and especially with finishes in really excellent qualities, so that they become strong competitors in the world watchmaker market.

▸ Megir materials and designs (No fake)

Most designs are their own, although they take some aspects of Panerai, Fossil, Tissot, etc. Designs.

The materials with which they are manufactured are of medium high quality, of course they are not manufactured with the same components of brands such as Rolex, Panerai, Tissot, hublot etc., although they share steel clasps and sony batteries. For more information visit our blog dedicated to materials and designs.

Photos and images of Megir watches Unisex

Sports watches for all occasions.

▸ Buy online with our catalog Megir watches

Buy in our online store the Chinese watches Megir - Jedir with the best quality in the network market and in our physical store. Ask yourself this: Do you need a quality imitation or Chinese watch, with very cheap and affordable prices? Then check our catalog in watchmaking, military, male, unisex, female and child, always with high quality.

The best sellers are luxury timepieces but also formal, elegant, but especially modern watches, irreverent vintage styles, if you are an athlete look for sport, digital, or called SmartWatch.

Find your best watch style online in America and buy easy from home with  a extensive catalog with all the items we offer, you will see images, opinions and most important features. Also smart digital or smartwatch with different functions, such as: measure steps, measure calories, measure physical activity, measure heart rate, running, stopwatch, answer WhatsApp messages, cardio, GPS, measure heart rate, physical activity, calorie meter, with finishes with golden spheres, gold, red, black, blue, green.

Although if you decide on other watch brands, we invite you to know our Blog about the best-selling watch brands in South America.

If you want to buy this Brand of watches wholesale  across the continent of america do not hesitate to ask us and offer you the best discount.

We also present our information blog for you to make the best decisions when you want to buy watches wholesale

▸ Choose your ideal Megir quartz Chinese watch

In conclusion we tell you; To choose a perfect watch, consider the size or size of your wrist. Obviously, if your hand is large, choose larger-sized watches that are assimilated with vintage, sports and modern-style watches, with different colors such as green, pink or pink for women, yellow, black or blue, very fun and with round dials and spacious. But if your wrist or arm is small simply choose minimalist styles, with basic colors that weigh very little and small spheres, which can also be beautiful colors. To dress in an elegant way always use dark colors.

If you are a business or business person, look for a watch in black or brown leather, so you can wear it on formal occasions, even if your wrist is large, but choose simpler watches, or small size, but not more than medium size and with Formal elegant finishes, remember that if the look is gala / dress use a gold or silver.

The bracelets or strap in rubber, silicone, metallic, for these hand watches are of high quality.

▸ Megir Chronograph Watch / Watches chronometer Trends.

The main function of a chronograph / chronometer. is to try to start counting from 0 by pressing the same button that stops it. However, occasionally, different times can be calculated with the same start and different end. Conclusion: Graphically record the time.

The Megir watches of each series offer special chronograph features that can display dials for microseconds, seconds, minutes and calendar view.

We present you with a description list of materials, shapes, sizes that you can find in cheap Chinese watches. 

✅ Styles

Casual, sport, elegant, luxury, dress, automatic,  mechanical.

✅ Colors

Yellow, blue, white, coffee, chocolate, gray, rose gold, orange, black, rose gold, silver, purple, red, green.

✅ Type of screen / display

Analog, digital, japan movement, quartz, analog touch.

✅ Strap material

Stainless steel, silicone band, alloy, leather, and nylon.

▸ Product details and condition

You receive a completely new watch from the factory, we do not sell any used model.

Package box Height (cm): on average the case is 7 to 8 cm

Package box Width (cm): on average the case is 6 to 7 cm

Package box Length (cm): on average the case is 9 to 10 cm

Package box Weight (kg): 0.5

Package box content: you receive a new watch with case and user manual.

➤ Chinese accessories

The watches come with well-presented cases, at the time the purchase is confirmed, the watch starts running with the current time and date, it is delivered covered and protected in a plastic. All the watches you find in Amazon are original and quality. Some designs may seem familiar to you, remember that this factory copies very similar details from recognized and prestigious and grandeur brands, they are also created with great finishes and with economical prices. Although some models are similar they are not replicas, there are also authentic models, let yourself be surprised with fun and large shapes in formal timepieces, in very elegant gold or silver tones.

We sell cases and watch boxes wholesale, we design and decorate your boxes.

➤ Time, warranty conditions and shipping, (months)

When you buy in Amazon, you have warranty according to the store.

The shipping methods depend on which the customer chooses, from same-day shipping by Amazon Prime, if you choose to buy on Aliexpress, Wish, Alibaba, Gearbest, Ebay, deliveries can be up to 2 months.

Who makes Finest stylish Megir wrist watches

Founded in 1997, Megir has grown to become an international brand with an agenda to empower fans and friends to embrace their BOLD, CURIOUS, ADVENTUROUS, and most importantly, ACTIVE selves. 

If you are looking for information on megir watches in Spanish view our web 

Free shiping wordwide

Megir Watch videos in youtube

▸ Wrist Meigeer watch simplicity

Megir watch

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