¿Do you want a Lige watch?

Here at LIGE, you will find a fantastic selection of watches to adapt to any moment. Machine clocks really show the intricate mechanisms that make these clocks work..

It is fascinating to see how the seconds go by and, therefore, are the perfect choice for anyone interested in how things work. Also, a beautiful leather watch gives a touch of style to your wrist, with a design that has never gone out of style in almost a century. There is a lot to choose from in LIGE, so no matter what your style.

New designs

  LIGE watch for men, Luxury Brand, Leather Gold White Quartz, Wristwatch Military Waterproof           "LIGE WATCH black Men's Sports Leisure Fashion Waterproof Quartz, japanese quartz movement           LIGE watch silver Men, Movement Business Waterproof Chronograph Full Steel Quartz Luminous            New LIGE Men Watch Luxury Brand Waterproof Stainless Steel Quartz ,Black Full Yellow Steel

    Womens Watches Lige white, luxury brand Girl Casual Leather, quartz, dress diamond          LIGE women watch, Lightweight, waterproof, Quartz Analog, Ceramic Strap, Wristwatch, Rose Gold, White Steel

Automatic Mechanical Watch Men / Tourbillon 

One of the most purchased models, incorporates an automatic movement allowing the mechanism or motor to be visible.

Incorporates a Japanese movement..

The Lige watch is fully functional, all the hands or dials fulfill a function, a 24-hour format and an indication of the day of the week and the month.

Available for men and women, in colors such as: black, gold, silver, blue, brown, etc, in stainless steel and leather materials


LIGE Brand Watch coffe Men Top Luxury Automatic moon Mechanical, Leather Gold Black              LIGE Watches Men's Automatic Machinery Business Waterproof, Luxury Casual Silver, White, black Leather

 New Mens Watches LIGE silver luxury, Automatic Mechanical Waterproof Full Steel, blue dial            lige Men Watch, Brand Luxury Business Automatic Tourbillon Watch Men's Stainless Steel Waterproof

▸ Ultra thin and light

Simple and casual design, elegant for any daily occasion, different trendy colors, with a perfect size for men and women..

It competes in the ultra slim / light / thin market with great designs, at a size and weight of just 8mm thick and 63 grams in weight, hardly felt on the wrist, and 40mm in diameter.

In general, the Lige brand is water resistant to 30 m or 3 Bar

Mens Watches LIGE SILVER Top Brand Luxury Waterproof Ultra Thin Date Steel Strap Casual Quartz                  LIGE Mens AND WOMEN Watches Top Luxury Brand Full Steel Quartz  Waterproof  (Rose Gold Black)

¿Where are lige watches made / from?

According to the official website, the origin of Lige watches are created according to a watchmaking legend, a Louis-Bastien Villeneuve, since then they have been carried by astronauts, kings, and even heroes to continue producing..

Exclusive watches thanks to Jean-Luc Villeneuve, son of Lois and current CEO of the company This watch brand is from China, its factory is located in Shenzhen in the south of the country.

LIGE watch with moon phases, brown leather for women and men 

▸ Who makes lige watches

Leaving aside this story, certainly a product of marketing, the reality is that Lige hand watches are manufactured in China Country by Shenzhen - Meigeer Watch Company Ltd, the same manufacturer of other Chinese brands, such as Megir, Jedir, Weide, Sinobi or even Guess made in China.

lige smart watch for men and women

▸ Reviews

The reviews for this brand in men's models are very positive, the most purchased models are the mechanical, stainless steel, movement quartz and automatic.. 

▸ Lige smart watch

Smart watch for activity pedometer functions, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie counter, smart bracelet for men, women and children.

Lige smart watch waterproof digital led strap for men and women

¿Are lige watches good quality?

The most common question in forums and in general of new buyers is how is this brand ?, see cheap prices and more on the word “Made in China” generates some distrust, but we can tell you that the opinions are very good.

The reviews left by users on Amazon or Aliexpress are positive, their sports designs are with the right materials for sports, in general all models have high quality materials, their presentation comes in cases with user manual.

Overall, a pretty good package from Lige. It has all of the basics as one would have wanted from a decent watch.

▸ Lige watch original 

How to recognize a fake Lige watch? in the market there are no fakes because its price is cheap and not profitable, all models of this brand are original.

▸ Lige watch warranty

The warranty of this brand depends on the place where you buy them, if you buy it from America through Aliexpress or Wish, you will not have a guarantee because it will surely be more expensive to return the watch. It is better to buy in places like Amazon where you can make claims to the seller, if you buy on websites such as: jumia, olx, facebook, ask for the warranty.

How do you set a Lige watch?

We present you a YouTube video with the most complete information.

you can find videos about: settings, watch user manual, lige watch how to set date, battery replacement, band adjustment, set up, lige watch not working

▸ Lige watch official online site

Find this fashion brand for sale also online with similar prices in Pakistan, uk, Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Kenya, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Singapore, Nepal, sri lanka, India, Kuwait, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, NZ, Estados Unidos.

If you want to find wholesale watches of this brand, the best option is to contact the factory directly through Aliexpress

▸ Customer service

Customer service for this brand is easy, due to its specifications in case of an engine / movement or Strap fix you can take it to any watchmaker.

lige watch brand ranking model 1853, 6826, 6181, 9810, 9821,9813, 9841, 9866, 9871, 9831, 9877, 9849, 9842, 0002, 0222,  6181wm1, erkek 2018, falcon, harga, skull, lazada, jumia, kaufen, naginata, dragon, grand, gold, model 5, naginata, souq.

lige watch wikipedia

✅ Styles

Casual, sport, elegant, luxury, dress, automatic, mechanical.

✅ Colors

Yellow, blue, beige, white, bronze, burgundy, coffee, chocolate, fuchsia, gray, purple, rose gold, gold, gray, multi colored, orange, black, rose gold, silver, purple, red, pink, transparent, green, Salmon, turquoise, on jumia. etc

✅ Gender

Adults, man, woman, femaleladies, girl, boy, children, women, unisex

✅ Material

Stainless steel, aluminum, patent leather, krysterna crystal, genuine leather, synthetic leather, flame fusion, hardlex mirror, brass, wood, metal, nylon, plastic, silicone, fabric, sapphire, synthetic sapphire.

✅ Type of screen / display

Analog, analog / digital, digital, japan movement, pulse, quartz, analog touch, background.

✅ Box shape

Circular, Square, heart, square, decagon, Rectangular, round, star, flower, exagonal, other, oval, rhombus and triangular, Square watch

✅ Bevel Sizes

Large, medium, very large, very small, small.

✅ Strap material

Steel, Gold plated steel, stainless steel, silicone band, alloy, aluminum, leather,  leather / synthetic, gold filled, unboxing,  brass, metal, cloth, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane, ,on jumia, silicone, synthetic, textile, titanium and velcro, Bracelet Clasp, dress.

✅ Movement

Watch Automatic, Japanese quartz, Swiss quartz, mechanical, Timing Calendar

"It is really worth having any models of this brand" 

lige watch logo


Buy Original LIGE Watch machine steel quartz

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