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Believing that watches below 30 usd can be found are not always bad, Asian brands now produce high quality watches, because they want to compete in a competitive market, Smael is a Chinese brand that came to stay, they are very affordable , durable and functional. I will tell you about all the features about this Chinese brand. Smael is good? Will your watches last more than a month or even a year? And do they work even when you take them out of the box? Let's look more closely..

Smael watches for sale 

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WATCHES Smael set time date, manual, description, functions.Smael WATCHES features, for sale, any good, Men's Military green S-Shock - TACTICAL Smael WATCHES Official website store ,watches waterproof.

  • ✅ New watch collections.

New designs or models of smael watches

Meet the new smael models smartwatches, different colors and sizes that you will surely like.

➤ SMAEL Women's Sport ..

Multi-function watch: featuring alarm clock, hourly chime, 12 / 24H format, auto calendar with week / date / month, 1/100 seconds stopwatch, luminous hands.

Perfect watch for both indoor and outdoor sports, just like running, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing and so on. 

Available colors: blue, pink, white with gold and black

smael watch, silicone, Waterproof to 50 m (165 ft), women           SMAEL Women's, PINK COLOR, Multi-function watch: featuring alarm clock, Japanese movement

 Smael Women's Sports Digital Watch, white, Women's Sports Digital Watch          "SMAEL Women's, Analog-Digital, Black Gold, Soft rubber band  

Japanese movement with analog digital display provides precise and accurate time keeping.  Waterproof to 50 m (165 ft): In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving.

➤ Smael Outdoor Military. Men's Watch Multi-Function ..

Sports watch, suitable for men, especially to those who like doing sports, multi-functions make it perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports.

Water resistant to 50M / 164FT, electronic watch.

SMAEL Multi-Function Men Sports Analog Quartz, stopwatch, LED, Diameter: 5.4 cm         SMAEL Multi-Function Men red Sports Analog, alarm, date, back light

Smael Outdoor Military, for men, time, date, stopwatch and alarm clock            SMAEL Men's Sports Analog Quartz Watch Dual Display Waterproof Digital LED

Men's Sports Analog Quartz Watch Dual Display Waterproof Digital, Black+Blue            SMAEL Multi-Function Men’s/Women's Sports Analog Quartz, led, Waterproof

  • ➡ LED backlight, digital stopwatch, auto calendar, alarm clock, shock resistant.
  • ➡ Different colors and sizes.
  • ➡ Imported from china

Smael watches  / description / functions / features ..

1- ✅ Smael digital watches for men ideal for outdoor, with alarm, chronograph, sports, pedometer, shock, Bluetooth, compass, dual display, call and message reminder, Backlight and rubber pulse.

➤ Old models of smael:

    SMAEL WATCHES Outdoor Waterproof Military Watch    Men's Military S-Shock Watch SMAEL

    2- ✅ Among the most desired functions or features of this brand is the 12-digit LCD screen, with display time, displaying minutes, seconds, calendar with month, day and week, daily alarm and hourly bell, Snooze, Chronograph of 1/100 seconds. with a division function, they feature double movement design with the latest advancement of Japan's quartz and LCD light technology.

    ➤ The best decision with a video

    YouTube video, with the most complete information.:


    Reviewing a very affordable G-Shock Homage a.k.a SMAEL watch.

    Smael watches for men colors  smael watches fashion military

    SMAEL chronograph watch for men, sports watch for men, military watch for men, LED digital multifunction watch for men   SMAEL new military watches men waterproof LED wristwatch  SMAEL Original brand watch -5 ATM / 50M water resistant Date, Calendar

    How good are Smael watches, ¿any?

    Buyers Comments

    The comments and opinions of the Watches Smael brand are very good, their evaluation is very good being a product of China. The most sought after models by buyer users are 1617, 1702, 1778, 1436, 1531, 1545, 9063 wr50m, tactical military s-shock, sports styles are signs of camouflage..

    Smael is an Asian brand of very good quality and manufactured with high strength materials. Another very repeated comment on the forums is that despite their low price they are made with high quality materials, buckles and resistant clasps, which are very practical to open or close, the watches of this brand come with many features. It is highly valued that it is functional, that in addition to the time, you can read the date, month, etc.This brand is one of the best price / quality options and was one of the best valued at the last world fair in Hong Kong watches. Smael has international quality certificates, its brand is registered in the United States and Europe, features that allow it to compete worldwide, as one of the best low-cost. Its competitors are other brands of Asian watches, such as Watches Megir or Naviforce.

    Visit our blog in Spanish Relojes Smael 

     watches smael man woman sport quartz analog double display digital watches backlight 1436 Yellow

    How good are smael watches, ¿any?  Any Smael Any Good?  SMAEL luxury brand quartz watches mens mechanical watch automatic army 1363 calendar waterproof quartz wrist watch

    Men's Military S-Shock SMAEL Watch militar watches

    Specs military model:

    • ➡ Watches Smael
    • ➡ Chinese made Quartz movement 
    • ➡ Hard scratch resistant mineral glass
    • ➡ 50 (165ft) meters waterproof – so no diving but should be ok to swim with
    • ➡ Stainless steel and PU plastic case
    • ➡ Silicon band
    • ➡Nice backlight for night reading
    • ➡ In most models:  Dual Timezone, Calendar Day and Date, Alarm, Water Resistant, LED Display, Back Light, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch.
    • ➡ Bluetooth, compass..


    • ✅ Average belt length: 25 cm
    • ✅ Average belt width: 2.2 cm
    • ✅ Average Case Diameter: 5.35 cm
    • ✅ Average thickness of the Box: 1.7 cm

    ➤ New features of Smael smartwatches

    Smael smart watches, military watch for men, LED digital multifunction, Outdoor Waterproof     Smael smart watches, Bluetooth 4.0

    • ➡ Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
    • ➡ Bluetooth call: Telephone call reminder
    • ➡ Message: Message Reminder
    • ➡ Pedometer health tracking
    • ➡ Remote Control: remote camera
    • ➡ Type of notification: Facebook, Skype, Twitter and WhatsApp
    • ➡ Alarm Groups: 3
    • ➡ Stopwatch: Support
    • ➡ Display: LCD screen
    • ➡ Screen Size: 1.25 inch
    • ➡ OS compatible: Android IOS
    • ➡ Compatibility: Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and higher systems

    Are Smael MILITARY TACTICAL watches  waterproof ?

    Outdoor Waterproof Military Smael Watch tactical  Are smael MILITARY TACTICAL watches  waterproof ? Where are smael watches made / manufacturer ?

    This Smael military type watch is designed for shockproof and waterproof exteriors (3 ATM BAR, 5ATM wr 5BAR, 10ATM 10 BAR) has all the functions you could possibly want in a basic digital watch. With stopwatch or chronograph, led, alarm, day / date and 24 hour time..

    It also has the analog display for those who want both. The materials are sturdy steel and PU plastic housing with rubber or silicone strap are also perfect for outdoor use. See which one you like best on Amazon through the button below.

    ➤ Smael watch review youtube

    In our YouTube Smael video tutorial channel you will find:

    • ✅ how to turn off alarm / disable alarm beeping
    • ✅ how to set time and how to set military time
    • ✅ operation and reset
    • ✅ settings
    • ✅ turn off beep / hourly chime of
    • ✅ set time / set date
    • ✅ battery life replacement
    • ✅ set up

    Where are Smael watches made / manufacturer ?

    Where are smael watches made / manufacturer ? 

    The country of origin of this brand is located in the south of China in the city of Shenzhen- Canton. Its main factory distribution center is in this city. However this factory is at the world-wide watch fairs, example: Hong Kong

    ➤ SMAEL vs Casio G-SHOCK

    Smael watches VS casio g shock

      Smael watches vs g shock / skameiSmael watch original vs fake

    ➤ Smael watch original vs fake

    In the case of SMAEL vs G-SHOCK, it is very true that the SMAEL attempts to copy the style and some of the function of the Mudmaster watch.

    They look very similar, but it would be unfair to say that this is a copycat watch that was produced with the intent of fooling the buyer into thinking they purchase the real G-SHOCK.

    SMAEL puts it’s name on the watch. Fake watches would have put G-SHOCK.

    The Numbers on the SMAEL are thinner than the G-SHOCK..

    There is an additional digital display at the 3 o’clock position on the SMAEL

    The SMAEL uses fake hex bolts while the G-SHOCK uses hex screws

    The labels for the pointer dial are different

    There are other small differences between the two as well, but when you compare the two watches, no sensible person would ever think they’re buying an actual G-Shock watch.

    Remember this: if you are going to buy the SMAEL 1545 watch or one of the similar brand, you will be criticized for using an impersonator watch of those who do know about watches. Although the clock will not try to trick you into thinking that it is a Casio G-Shock.

    The most purchased color is Divers military green.

    the most popular (most reviewed) watch on Amazon with over 430 reviews

    ➤ Official website of the Smael online shopping store

    ¿ Where to buy ?The official store of this factory to buy watches online is on Aliexpress, Amazon, you can also buy them in Ebay.

    Official website of the Smael online shopping store SMAEL quartz watches for men, luxury brand gold watches, stainless steel wristwatch Why are smael watches so cheap

    Models available with manual No l5 480, 1237,  0704, 1237, 1643, 1545, 1543, 1617, 1509, 1376C, 1545, 1642, 1702, 1707, 1778, 1078, 1436, 1531, 1617, 1545, 9063, 8001, 1539, 1637, 1702, 1027, 1008, 1709, 1513, 1711, 1801, 1808, 1545, 1708, 8001, 1805, 1426 Manual

    You can also follow their social networks on Facebook.

    ➤ Watches Smael user instructions and operating (set up)

    The operations of these watches are very simple and intuitive to use, they all come with a user manual and with simple instructions to read, those that have the characteristic of 3 buttons work as follows: with the button above starts the stopwatch or chronograph and with that same stops; the time and date that is the calendar is set with the middle button and the stopwatch is reset with the remaining button or the one below, the instruction manuals are in English, Spanish, German and French.

    smael watches user instructions and operating (set up) manual

    ✅ smael electronic / digital watch user guide information

    ➤ Watches Smael dropshipping or wholesale

    If you want to buy this brand for business, and do dropshiping, you can do it through the Oberlo application and connect it with Alliexpress, this great company ships to countries such as: Uruguay, India, China, Canada, Dubai, Philippines, Malaysia, England, Australia, Scotland, Colombia, philippines, indonesia, london, greece, and United States.

    ✅ Casual Watches

    This fabulous brand also has casual styles, ideal for going to work. Available in various colors, as well as its leather strap.

    Enjoy its wide catalog of watches.

    Men's Casual Quartz Watch Fashion Simple Double Calendar Men's leather

    Smael watches company Wikipedia / history

    The history and information on wikipedia is currently being updated, you will soon know absolutely everything about the Factory.

    ➤ Why are smael watches so cheap

    Why are smael watches so cheap? The reason why they are so cheap is because their brand is not famous, they prefer to sell a lot at low prices, their materials are not top quality, but they are manufactured to last a long time. It is the best price / quality option,  other reason is because smael watches made in China.

    Men's Military S-Shock SMAEL Watch milwatches

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